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Helping people to meditate and cope with anxiety attacks, PTSD and insomnia.

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"Like the most perfect app EVER! I wanted to find a game that didn’t stress me out, one that was completely, smooth. The art is beautiful, and I would love to see the Moon Goddess theme when it comes out. I like how the app is 100% free and no ads, but you can still support the creator. The creator seems to be the only not greedy app creator, and I’m thankful for that. I like the word programs and how you can change it and how you can have a complete silence. It’s just.. perfectly awesome, the app. It’s a game, but it’s very relaxing. No point, really. But, that’s why I like it"
"Highly recommend for help with anxiety, ocd, stress or just pure relaxation and self care"
"As a lifelong sufferer of anxiety and insomnia, I feel thus game can really help a lot of others in the same boat. Never knew something so fun, could also be sooo relaxing!! Great job!!"
"Very Helpful! I was at the dentist, (I have a phobia of going to the dentist) and I was looking for an app that could calm me down. This helped me a lot! I didn't think that it would work, but before I knew it I had completely forgotten that I was in a waiting room! I think that the fact you look at a screen when you meditate might deter some people, but that makes it the perfect thing to use in a public setting. You can't really just close you eyes and meditate when ever you want in most settings, so this app is great to use anytime, anywhere!"
"Really Lovely “game”...Often times my meditations reveal balls of Light and show me images of how to move Light into a situation or how Light is in Me Always...I see Myself “gathering these balls of Light here in this “game”, smiling and saying to each ball of Light...Aaaah...Here you are! Thank you! We are Light together and other such “Mantras”"
"I'm very happy to find an app like this. Its relaxing, and visually soothing; a great way to help beginners. "
"Not so much a game as a meditation tool, and its perfect for a noob like me."
"I am about to appear for an important exam just a week later and I am certainly nervous but I found this game, installed and played for a while and before I knew I was already calm and sleepy. Thanks a lot for creating this app."
"Adore that playing this is itself a mediation, and also how it illustrates the Law of Attraction: what you go near with your attention/thoughts, starts to become attracted to you, and if you catch yourself, you can redirect your focus and move (vibrationally) in a different direction! Love it"
"Very calming, teaches you something you didn't think was necessary. It seems dumb but pay attention and give it a chance it's beautiful."
"Amazing game! I love it, it really helps me relax, thank you. :)"
"So awesome, hope more gets added soon. I've never had a game do what this has. Super relaxed, I ended up closing my eyes and continuing on my own. Even had an emotional release with the Existence one. Definitely keeping this one. 5/5 all the way around. Thank you for this awesome tool, Namaste."
"Great UX, the choice of fonts, colors, music (the music fading out when the user ends the session was pretty nice). Also, the slight movement of the messages during the game. I loved all those details, hopefully I can get new themes soon :)"
"I love the music and the gameplay concept. The words had been getting cut off, but are no longer doing so and I've raised the number of stars. This is a lovely app and I could see myself playing it on my commute to calm myself. I'm hoping there will be a meditation for anxiety and depression in the future."
"More please. This app is exactly what I've been looking, and waiting for. A meditation app where you participate and interact, rather than just observing pleasant images moving on the screen, which in short time I usually find myself ignoring and putting my attention elsewhere. But with this game, you gently and relaxingly move your little consciousness sphere around the screen collecting little energy clusters, which keeps you focused and engaged, allowing you to easily follow the promptings appearing and disappearing on the screen. I have already found deep peace, sudden inspirations, and powerful insights while using this app."
"This is a beautiful little meditation app. You can easily ignore the bubble-catching game component if you don't want it, but for me it works great for corralling stray attention. It has several (purely text) guided meditations or you can just have visuals and/or music. You don't need to log in and it doesn't try to social-ify everything. The in-app 'purchases' are donation options; everything is free. I wish you could switch between themes in one place instead of opening separate apps."
"Rarely in life you come across something so brilliant and unique but so simple as well that touches the chords of your soul. To say it's a game is an understatement. I don't know what it is but it's absolutely amazing! I'm in tears whenever i play it. It's so soothing and calming and relaxing. Really kudos to you on building this wonderful thing."
"Very innovative way of introducing meditation to everyone. I loved it."
"This is superb...it really relaxes me and my mind is not wondering. Calms my stress, anxiety and OCD. Thank you for creating a life saving and convenient app that I LOVE!"
"If you're struggling with learning how to meditate, this game is a great teacher. Really teaches the basics of meditation well."
"Loved it instantly. One of those rare games where there's no pressure, no timer, no opponents, nothing lobbing bombs or shooting at you... no competition at all. No records to break. No top-scorer... just pure relaxation. Helps to quiet the mind. If you're into competition, this will probably drive you nuts. That's not the point of this game. It isn't actually a 'game' at all, not in the traditional sense. 'Game' implies competition, and this an app to encourage relaxation and peace."
"Can't help but smile when I play this 'game.' I feel tranquility and a sense of peace. Great soundtrack, graphics, and overall messaging. Keep it up!!"
"It's an awesome meditation app, one I didn't know I want but needed"
"Well this is how my day should end n start . You guys made an amazing app"
"There isn't much to this game, but that's the whole point. As someone with OCD and severe ADD, meditation is very difficult for me; simply having something to focus on when I'm too anxious to clear my mind makes a world of difference."
"I have been so stressed lately. I was having a real rough day when i found this game. With in 5 minutes this game put me totally at peace. So beautiful."
"I love this as a way to help myself relax and focus. When I'm at work and stressing out over something, I go sit outside for a couple minutes and play this, and it helps clear my head and go back to work and be more productive. I would LOVE to see more environments added!"
"I never meditate before and simply try this app out of curiosity. First try and I really love it. Definitely helps me to relax and I feel peace."
"Absolutely beautiful and very relaxing. Been looking for a game like this for a while to help with my anxiety and depression and I am so happy this is the one I found."
"My mind fluctuates so much. It's so difficult to concentrate on one thing for too long. Been using this game for 10 minutes every morning, and have already started to see how it is trying so hard to help me focus on one thing (my breathing). Already started to see some changes, I'll definitely donate to help continue for the development of the game! Huge thanks for no distracting ads! :)"
"Soft and calm. I just did one session and went from grinding my teeth to automatically deep breathing and calm. Mindless distracting play keeps you from getting distracted by unfocused while reading along. Love the future theme ideas and am so glad this exists. Thanks."
"Simple, calming, and amazingly helpful, especially I think for the people who need it most (like my best friend). No points, no timer, no pressures to do or not do anything besides follow the meditation of your choice and enjoy the experience."
"I find this game very relaxing, and helps me experience a meditative mindset. I've come to find medication can be a bit difficult for me because of how high strung my brain is. Having something to focus on helps to make it a little easier for me. The calming music and visually guided meditations are a nice touch as well. Hope to see more added to this in the future. ^.^"
"I have a high stress job. just 10mins in my lunch break to relax really helps. this app is very soothing and the idea of just being a ball floating around with no real need to collect energy is very relaxing to me. it focuses on breathing and feeling every part of you and your soul. it's a great little app. I support and look forward to more meditations from this app!"
"Amazing and beautiful little app. Super minimal, not so much a game as a meditation tool. Helps clear my mind, calm my anxiety and stay present. Also super useful for helping to fall asleep. 110% recommend for anyone with a busy mind that has trouble slowing down and relaxing. Definitely at least give it a shot :)"
"A beautiful labor of love and kindness. Truly one of the most useful meditation tools I've found I'm a fairly fidgety person and often struggle to engage in meditation because of that, but this is such a simple and slight way of keeping my hands occupied without overwhelming my attention that it finally allows me to participate. I'm so excited to see more themes or even just colors, or whatever you come up with because it's already so great thank you for helping me"
"Beautifully simple. Such a nice tool."
"Thanks for this great app. I am insomniac and my mind keeps wandering so i am unable to focus in anything. This app is so relaxing and helps me sleep. The quotes in the pause menu are great. Thanks a lot developer"
"A very relaxing game to play before bed, or when feeling stressed. The calming music and simple objective is a great reset for the mind."
"A simple idea that really works. If mindfulness turns you off or seems like hard work give this a try. Meditation for candy crushers."
"This app is a piece of art. I loved everything about it - The simple, yet incredibly valuable concept; the perfectly timed mindfulness prompts; the soothing music; the beautiful visuals, the smooth interface; the thought-provoking quotes; the intention of the developer that shines through every minute of these meditations... Ben, thank you for being who you are!"
"Brilliant little 'game' that helps your meditation attempts by providing certain distraction from constant thoughts and thus, in a way, allowing you to focus on your breath and mind without really forcing it. Cool!"
"Amazing. I could feel the energy within me. Feeling much positive. Thank you. The app is wonderful. Some Intelligent person must have made this app. Excellent."
"Thank you. I.. I can't put enough words to just how much I needed to find this app. I did the first one. . I could cry happy tears with how much better I feel. I the relief I got was amazing. Thank you. Please keep up the great work. if I can I will make a donation. I can't wait to see the forest theme. My safe mental meditation place is a forest/meadow like area. I love it. Blessings to you. Blessed be. "
"This app is seriously awesome! I think has been more effective then any guided meditation I've tried. So calm and focused during the love meditation, I almost cried and my feelings were 100% genuine. Only down fall was less themes."
"This really helps keeps the front of my brain busy so I can relax into a meditative state. I really found this app when I needed it. The different meditations you can choose from are lovely. I hope the app is able to be expanded into different themes, because I'd love this with the forest theme."
"I can totally say that you really put your love and soul into making this. You did a great job. Awesome!"
"I don't normally like guided meditations, I feel they get in the way of an actual meditative state. This app is different. It's gentle enough to get into the mental groove without feeling like forcing it. I don't feel like this replaces the value of self directed meditation, but it is useful enough to keep in the toolbox."
"Taking time from my studies to review this app. You have kept this app under 'casual' category but it should be in 'unique' category. It's a good stress buster. Thanku developers. Also this app is ad free.. I liked that. Much love to this app. I wish if I could rate it 10..!!"
"Dude,this game is awesome. I will donate money for you to get a coffee, just please add more and keep it going. This helps my anxiety and stress to no ends."
"Oh Nirvana! Loving this. What I wish I would've designed. Beautiful pacing, music, gameplay, visual design. Elements of surprise and delight while relaxing and simply enjoying for 10 minutes out of a stressful day. A wonderful thing, and worth supporting. I would love to see more levels!"
"Am a serious student of meditation - have been for 26 years & also teach. I recommend this app to my students new to this 'journey' ... & I also use it myself. Thank you."
"This game is amazing but relaxing at the same time... I love the concept, the themes, and the music... A few minutes every day and you go from a hothead to a calm, peaceful spirit... Hats off to the Creator of this 'game'... ^_^"
"Probably one of the only forms of meditation that has actually worked on me. totally worth giving it a shot"
"It might not seem so at first sight, but believe me. It really is relaxing. You forget everything and enter this state where there are just no worries and pleasant music just calms you down so much. A wonderful concept and huge cheers from me to the devs! Hats off"
"To the creator of this app, thank you. I suffer from severe anxiety and tourettes (among other things) and this app is literally a refuge for me. Whenever i'm having an anxiety attack or my touettes is so bad that i can't relax to sleep or simply when I need to relax. This app helps me soooo much. I'm so glad it exists. I'm sure it will help a lot of other people as well! Definately 5 stars! I can't say enough good things about it!"
"It's exactly what I needed to save myself from anxiety! Thanks"
"Great concept, fantastic execution! I've been looking for an app like this for so long, and this is definitely the app I wanted! I've only been using for a few days, but already I feel more centered and clear-headed than before. Thank you so much for making this app!"
"This is a delightful game and I find it very relaxing. I enjoy meditation and gaming - Meditation Game brings both of those together for a wonderful user experience."
"It's amazing I'm a constant stresser and it relaxed me in under three minutes"
"The best relaxing game on play store. The game helps to relax you by using breathing therapy while keeping your brain busy to get the maximum output."
"An amazing game. I really liked. It is a good game for those people who are mostly in a noisy place. I totally recommend it to everyone."
"So simple, so ready, so wonderful. I've been trying to meditate using other methods. Feel more peaceful and focused with this app than I have with any other. A+"
"Never felt so completely entranced by a game or app before. This is genius. Quite a gem. Can you add a space theme to compliment the ocean"
"This game is wow it actually calms you. I have nothing much to speak about it but it makes our mind focused. pls play if you can't be calm"
"Wow..... Awesome experience! Superb meditation strategy. Very beneficial for those who can't afford time for itself for meditation.This app creates a feeling, makes our subconscious mind to listen us, make us feel like a tour in the peace of heaven. Thanks for the App. Development team, just hats of you guyzz..."
"Awesome meditation app. I like how you can engage and disengage. It's truly an amazing and unique app. I can see where some may get confused. The key is to stay relaxed."
"Lovely game. relaxing, calming, powerful. thank you so much for this gift. can i please suggest that we are able to move the position of the joystick though? really enjoyed the artwork, messages, and wordings btw. great app. 10/10 would recommend"
"Amazing in every way, the game play, the response and sensitivity, the music is phenomenal just an all around beautiful game and it actually works I played for around 15min and nearly fell asleep. Well done to the developers and everyone involved."
"This is the perfect game to release all your stress and tension. Everyday life makes you uncalm but this game will get you back to freshness. You will feel it... feel it definitely. This is a dream game for every responsible person. The world needs this game."
"So easy. So profound. So Beautiful. Thank you! So relaxing that my eyes are closing. Would love an optional quiet audio of the text so I could continue the meditation in the same spirit with eyes closed. Is there a French translation?"
"Honestly thank you!! I deal with anxiety and stress on a daily basis. Life is too much and it's overwhelming. This really helps to isolate me from life for a bit. To wind down and take a moment to breathe. I used it for the first time today and I'm hoping to use it more in the future"
"Absolutely fantastic. It took my mind away from the chaos of the day and allowed me to clear my mind. Normally, it takes me some time to get to sleep. Sometimes I have to take melatonin to really get to sleep. After about ten minutes of this, I was so relaxed and so clear, I feel asleep immediately."
"A very creative and effective way to introduce people to the benefits of meditation."
"Ok so I have serious anger issues plus alot of anxiety and not to mention the buck load of stress and I have to say this really relaxed me and I am looking forward to use it in my daily routine. Know that I don't ever review anything but I honestly felt like this game deserves it. LOVED THE GAME!!!"
"It's great and really relaxing, I'm surprised it's free, I would highly recommend it"
"I have a difficult time relaxing and feeling sleepy - using this game is very effective - thank you! Looking forward to more background/themes sounds/music, and meditations :)"
"This little game has been one of the few things that helps pull me out of anxiety attacks. I can't thank the creator enough. What a wonderful tool."
"As someone who is constantly stressed and suffers from severe anxiety, this game has changed my life. I'm always playing games on my phone. I give myself 10 mins a day to do my daily meditation through this game. It's amazing and I would suggest it to anyone. Not to mention it is absolutely beautiful!"
"Helps me reduce any major anxieties and chill down. A simple way to unwind for those who struggle to meditate conventionally."
"I just tried it out and completely zoned out of everything else...it was fun and relaxing ...the background music is just so soothing"
"5 stars cannot justify how beautiful this game is. The graphics and the instructions are so elegant and beautiful. I'm very grateful to the person who made this. I'm surely going to share this with everyone I know. Thank you. Peace."
"Thank you for this - so well done and unassuming that even my crazy mom will discover mindfulness practice."
"Beautiful audio, visually elegant. When I'm feeling anxious but not quite ready for meditation (sitting in a waiting room, on a bus or train, break at work, etc) this helps me stay calm and less stressed. Puts me in a peaceful state and prepares me for meditation later. Very soothing and puts me at ease."
"Okay, I don't normally review stuff but... I just wanted to say thank you so much for making this app! I'm typically a very nervous person and when my nerves get the best of me, my hands shake, I sweat profusely, and worse off, I can't speak. I had music classes today, and had to play a piece I learned for my tutor. Obviously, shaky hands wouldn't do since I play an instrument. But I was so nervous that even my calming playlist won't help me! Then I remembered I had downloaded this app weeks ago so I decided to play around with it while waiting for class to start, and it worked! Well... my nerves didn't magically disappear... but at least I calmed down enough that my hands weren't all that shaky. Thanks to that, I could play my instrument a lot better. I even got a little smile from my tutor (who really isn't all that smiley) after I played. But yeah, that's my lil' story... ahehe... thanks for making this, really! :DDD"
"Ah,an app that does what it claims to do!What a novel approach to things ... the truth!"
"Just amazing app . Can't explain how good it is.. awesome no words . Fantastic work"
"I find it hard to disconnect my mind from the world to meditate, but this game was able to help me. It's highly relaxing and good for a quick break from the day."
"Since im autistic I needed this game it helps me a lot whenever I get angry I play this game to help me calm down any autistic person or stress out person should download this to calm them down too"
"Love this App! so peaceful and with excellent instruction for meditation. I would recommend this to everyone!!!"
"I express my gratitude to the developers of this life changing app. This game calms you down. I never really had an experience like this. This app is worth downloading."
"Very good app. I never believe that a game help me this much in meditation. It really amazed me. Thank you"
"Very relaxing and effective for this type of meditation. It is good practice to try meditating with eyes open and being interactive with something all at the same time. I look forward to more."
"WOW. This game does what it says on the ton, and does it well. It really is relaxing; while it's not the kind of game you'd play to pass time, it's great for just relaxing. The accelerometer control is not perfect, but luckily I don't have to use it. A big thank you to the developer!"
"Ty google for suggesting this! I usually i don't rate apps but i can't skip this one. Pls try this guy its highly recommend."
"This game is extremely soothing. It actually lowers my blood pressure. When I'm stressed and/or tense, it returns me to calm. I'm looking forward to the moonlight theme. Everyone should use this app. It's excellent."
"Good concept. Guided visual healing, very helpful in visualizing 'positive' attraction, mind over matter! Probably beneficial to people with pain or even cancer, they can imagine the energy bubbles are essentially curing their illness. Nice job developer, thank you for this application! Brought tears to my eyes."
"This game a Game Changer. Something so simple, yet so effective! Kudos to the concept and implementation. If you're troubled due to anything in this world, just give this app a try. You won't regret."
"As a highly anxious person, sometimes I experience intense horrifying dreams, which forces me to wake up in the middle of night, not able to sleep again since I'm distressed, this app helps me calm down after those moments. This is a gift! Thank you guys so much ,and love for you all!"
"I love this so much. It's a great tool for those who want to meditate but struggle. Every part of it is soothing and relaxing. Great job!"
"Clear of any microtransaction progression addiction which would only be stressful. The minimalist presentation is PERFECT relaxation."
"I use it to calm my mind and fall asleep. Works every time. I tend to drop my phone on my face but it's worth it lol!"
"This game is beautiful and moving. In our technological age, it can be difficult to disconnect from our electronics and get in touch with ourselves. This game is a great intro to meditation for those who struggle with traditional methods! I found my breath naturally occurring in time with the music, and it was very grounding. Incredibly helpful, and easier beginning that mantras or mandalas. Thank you SO MUCH for this!"
"One of my favorite apps! Keep up the good work and hope to see new themes and meditations soon!"
"I strangely found that reading the text in this game was like talking back to myself. I've needed this. It's more like I attracted it, really. It found me. Thank you to the creator of this game. May you have peace and love, now and always."
"Breathing has always been my weakest point during mediation. I play through the AWARENESS session on the app every morning now and my mediations seem to naturally last longer without effort. Thank you for this great app!"
"The best app for mediation first I thought it wouldn't work but it's really amazing"
"I absolutely love it. Due to many factors I lost track of my own meditations lately and it got harder and harder to even relax enough to enjoy simply being. But this app with it's beautiful music and visuals helped me calming down a lot. Collecting the energy is a really good method of not letting the mind wander to much. I'm really looking forward for the new themes and I hope you keep up this beautiful work. Thank you :)"
"Truly amazing! This really helps with my panic attacks. Gives me something to focus on."
"I love this 'game' . First of all it really works as a meditation for me, calms me and helps me restore my focus. Also I am amazed by the idea itself and fascinated by the fact that technology driven meditation can work. I love spending time with it, keep up the good work! On top of everything both music and graphics are beautiful!"
"This is the best guided meditation app I've ever used. It's very helpful and easy to follow along."
"PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Best Game for getting sleep early as well as to relax and relieve mental stress."
"I was about to loose my mind before I came across this game. It really helps me focus on what is important in this time of utter despear. I am totally and utterly depressed and this game somehow makes me calm. Thank you."
"I cried while playing this 3 years ago :)"
"Its really beautiful guys! I did not expect it to be this much, this really removes thoughts, i especially love the love mode of it that brought me to tears! I'll definitely do this everyday Thank you!"
"This will be a tool I use at work with my seniors understand this is a good thing"
"I played it 1 time and fell in love with it this game is great"
"I love this game its relaxing godd for depression and anxiety thanks!"
"100 stars to the makers.... Thank you!!!!!! You guys have made a lifesaver.... My pulse went down from 106 to 68 in 10 minutes"
"Thank you so very much for this, after going through an abusive relationship of psychological violence, I never thought I could ever recover. I just found this by chance and it's really helping me to see it was not my fault. I did not deserve the torture I went through. Thank you guys for this amazing app. Great job."
"I'm stressed about having to get my cdl within 3 weeks of starting a new job. SOOOOO stressed. This seems to help. Thank you"
"I was anxious so I searched for something to calm me down and when I came across this and finished the session I was so calm and relieved it made me cry. Thank you."
"I really liked this game. I have a mind where I drift off and have my own thoughts. I really need to find something to keep my focused. I can be focused of course, as long as my mind is not at the task at hand. Apparently I don't do well with being pressured. But meditation is what I need. I've been in a rough patch lately and I need something to keep me calm and not distracted easily. This is the game fit to suit my needs. And I'd like to thank the creator of the game, for doing something to help people like me. There's no competition or greed with this game, just me in water, collecting energy and keep my thoughts in order. The captions and music really help, because I can't work well without music."
"Though I wish it had a voice over in conjunction to the text, this app really helps you calm down! From cooling down after a jog to panic/anxiety attacks, this app really justs helps you get your mind off of whatever was worrying you and into a state of peacefulness. Would recommend to anyone with stress issues, anxiety disorders, depression, etc!"
"This is truly amazing, I always have trouble falling asleep but after a session of this I find myself falling asleep much faster. This is enjoyable and extremely helpful, there should be more games like this where you actually can interact instead of just listening to meditation music very well done thank you"
"I. Love. This. I sometimes have severe anxiety attacks and ever since I found this game I simply play it and all becomes well again. Thank you for this amazing app, I recommend this for anybody who just needs meditation and relaxation. 6/5 stars!"
"It can be a logical game but it really makes you concentrate on getting the point. The music is fabulouly calm. You can get lost in its rhythm. That's why its so nice as a meditative calming game. A real stress/worry- buster."
"This is amazing. Tbh this helped me suppress all the suicidal thoughts that went through my head at this moment that your probably reading this. This also helped me with my anxiety also too."
"Really great and unique meditation app!! came across this app by accident, I love it, short meditations and great graphics and music, now i use it every night before I go to sleep and I sleep so much better."
"My best friend has schizophrenia and when she's going through a schizophrenic episode this helps her calm down and gives her a healthy alternative to self harming. Thank you, it calms me down as well when I can't sleep"
"The best thing downloaded on Play Store. Thank you so much for developing this. I was looking for something like this exactly. Spot on! Never felt better!"
"Really love this app. It's great for winding down before bed when I've had a stressful day/day of high anxiety. Looking forward to more meditations and experiences."
"Absolutely amazing. It helped me suppress any bad thoughts, and it calmed me down a lot. Would recommend to anyone going through depression, or anything like that."
"I loved this game, what am I saying! I love this game! I will always love it! It's helping me with a few disorders and is just so calming! The world could be calling apart"
"It took me a hot second for me to be able to just relax and play but now it comes easy when I play. Love it. It does what it is meant to do."
"This is a great game. It helps me calm down by directing me to attract energy. And it puts me in a whole different space than I was when I started it. Really awesome"
"Just downloaded and this was EXACTLY what I was looking for! I LOVE IT! Thank you for creating this. I don't usually do reviews but I wanted to give you props immediately!"
"I'm surprised it works just 3 minutes in. Love it. Also read notes from the developer and I think he or she is amazing. Thanks for helping me sleep tonight. When I make my own money I'll get you that cup of coffee."
"Thank you!! I've been through so many different apps and ths is the one for me! I love everything about it! So...ya, thank you!! Peace"
"This is amazing, helps me so much! I truly love it. Use it before bed and I love it!! I haven't seen 1 ad in this. Amazing!"
"I really enjoy the smooth, drifting technique of the game. It has helped to calm my nerves in a matter of minutes."
"This is the only meditation app that I will ever need again. It's a quick and easy way I can go from high stress to grounded without having to 'practice' or 'work at' meditation. Highly recommend."
"Finally a good zen game. And it's for free. Keep it up!"
"This is too Awesome, I Love it. I am new to meditation and this is so great. Thank you !!!!"
"Extremely relaxing. Needed this is a major way with such a busy lifestyle. Thank you"
"Very easy to do and works brilliantly for me. Thank you"
"This was very effective and calming. I have a hard time meditating because my mind is always going, going, going. But this actually works. The game held my attention even though it's simple, and the words are super helpful with bringing my mind back to my breath. Thank you"
"I have PTSD and insomnia. I've practiced traditional meditation before, but this helps me keep my mind from wandering as much. It helps me to calm and center my mind and take a break from the constant roaring thoughts bouncing around my head so I can sleep. The tilt controls work really well, the graphics and music are beautiful and the words are soothing and give me much needed moral support. I'd been searching for an app like this for a long time, and the creator of this one nailed it. Thank you for this. You've given me some peace."
"This works!"
"As I'm someone with PTSD, this is a 'game changer' -JK I mean that this has calmed me down, pass the PTSD reactions. I live how simple this is. The music is great, the words out guidance were very helpful. You guys have done a great job"
"Amazing app for practicing mindfulness. I suffer from a severe anxiety disorder and depression, and this app helps me stay grounded. I'd gladly pay for sleep meditation guidance. That would make this app literally perfect."
"I have severe anxiety attacks that typically end with a blackout or throwing up, occasionally both. This game helps me control the anxiety before it gets to the point of an attack and I'm really grateful for it. Keep it up"
"I enjoy meditation but sometimes I am unable to focus. I turned this one and instantly I was more relaxed and focused. It is so calming and peaceful! I would recommend everyone give it a try from people who don't think meditation to them to people are do use standard meditation, it's very useful!"
"Thank you for making this game. Thanks to you I figured out that my whole life I was forcing myself to do things and treated myself as a slave to my surroundings, always taking everything to heart. Just playing the game once helped me immensly. Just after being told to relax and that I can enjoy myself and so on I started crying immensly. Thank you so very much for helping me in such a way. Thank you."
"I think this is such a thoughtful idea, and I really appreciate how rather than a video game you have chosen to help people and their mental wellbeing This app is awesome, and I found no faults with it."
"Everything about this is beautiful. The visuals, music, and text creates an ambiance of pure serenity. Felt 100% better after playing this. Everyone should have this 'game' and use it daily."
"This is very relaxing and the music is beautiful. I hope the more I use it the more it works. I have depression, high anxiety and PTSD."
"Fantastic idea, magnificent execution. Will do this every day before going to bed or when I need my mind and energy refreshed. Thank you for an awesome 'game'!"
"Thank you so much for allowing this to be free. I love that you read the words instead of hearing them because I can play my own relax track and still get the benefit of the meditation. Can't wait for more meditations to come out."
"It helps me calm down a lot, thank goodness. I'm so happy I get to use this when I have anxiety attacks"
"I downloaded this game to help me learn how to meditate, and so far it's excellent. It's really beautiful and relaxing. I would recommend this to anyone who feels overwhelmed or stressed by life."
"Great relaxing game. Calming music. Reminds me to focus on breathing and brings me back when my mind wanders"
"Honestly this put my mind completely at peace I've been completely stressed but as it said things like right now you are just breathing and being you are well I agreed in that moment I was not stressed I loved it"
"I loved it. I tend to have a hard time with focusing my mind and this was extremely helpful"
"Wonderful form of meditation! Always calms me down when I need it most. The music is perfect, the words are inspiring, and the ability to choose settings is well thought out."
"It's a lot more than a game It helped me to control my anger"
"I have insomnia and this has helped put my mind at ease. I'm amazed"
"I love this app, enchanted forest is so awesome too.....Thank you. They are wonderful."
"Love it. Especially good for anxious people"
"Amazing app. LOVE the little sayings and 'just breathe' reminders. Love love love it."
"This game is wonderful. It calms me down so quickly."
"Wonderful presentation brilliantly conceived. Thank you for the relaxation and insights."
"An amazing concept to calm yourself combined with good execution"
"Very effective. Just a few minutes of playing does the trick."
"Speaks to the soul. I really enjoy and appreciate this game."
"Really helpful when you just can't chill"
"Very relaxing game that is simultaneously visually peaceful and beautiful. The music is spot on and the guided mindfulness meditation on the screen is helpful yet unobtrusive as you manuver your 'consciousness' (a weightless, small ball of light) around and gather smaller balls of simpler light (energy) that move towards you, not away. I was feeling very overwhelmed tonight, and anxious... After playing with this meditation guide, I'm sleepy and feeling so much more peaceful! Thank you for making this beautiful game!!!"
"This game helps me with my anxiety and helps me get to sleep. The music is beautiful. I prefer the joystick control. I only wish there was a bigger more dynamic source of light filtering through the surface of the ocean because the light source helps me stay positive. I also wish we could see more of the floor of the ocean and the light dancing on it, because these are the most calming visual aspects to me."
"Something while doing nothing which is something... I have adult ADD and have long known that meditation will help, but have struggled to find something that will captivate me enough to get lost in it and really focus. This app does just that. No distracting voice, no strange narrative, just soothing music and peaceful graphics with gentle guidance in text form. Plus there is actually something to do while doing it. I've only used the basic settings so far, but will download and upgrade more."
"Calming music, I like the water. Helps me refocus when my mind goes to a negative place, helps me prevent anxiety attacks by focusing on my breath, catching it before it gets worse. Some of the messages are helpful. Sometimes I close my eyes and listen to it as I play. Pretty relaxing. Thanks, guys and gals "
"I think this is a stunning game and truly calming and beautiful. I loved aimlessly drifting down. My ONLY complaint that hindered my total enjoyment of this beautiful game is that there is a bottom/top of the ocean. I wanted to drift but I had to drift right/ left rather than aimlessly."
"This application really helps reduce my muscular holding patterns in my body caused by a car collision causing me to be injured with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Not only do I feel the relaxation typed above, I sense a new regrowth energy occurring on the part of my head that was the most damaged. ANYONE and EVERYONE should give this application a try, whether recovering from injury or in search of a tool of relaxation to use after a stressful, physically and/or mentally, busy day. Signed with a deep appreciation for the creation of this application"
"I had a go because of the positive reviews. Very glad I did. I feel so chilled out right now and it really wasn't long either. Can probably fit this into your 10 minute work breaks as I will be."
"Helped me calm down my nerves that I thought I was having a heart attack, the music and the quotes allowed me to realize that I was just having a panic attack and to accept it. Through time my heart beats began to calm down until all symptoms banished. Thank you."
"Just superb. Everything about this game is just perfect! Great concept, amazing graphics, super awesome music.. And best of all it's 100% free, no ads or annoyances. Kudos to the developer. May you attract all the positive energy in this world."
"Soo relaxing food not only for the ears but for your restless minds and body. "
"This game is so beautiful and meaningful. I love how it's so calming and makes me want to sleep. I definitely would advise downloading if you are looking for something to fall asleep to or to calm yourself."
"This is such an amazing thing to have. Honestly I'm under a lot of stress, so when I turn this on and tune out for a while, I feel better!"
"I love this game! Helps me relax and soothe my mind just before I go to bed! Helps to strengthen my damaged right wrist tendons"


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